Now Available: Golf Oregon License Plate Vouchers

Our Golf Oregon plate is more than just a symbol—it is a commitment to serving our community. With 200 lush green golf courses sprawling 20,000 acres and an industry that includes manufacturing, tourism, environmental stewardship and more, the message is clear: Golf in Oregon remains strong. Every plate purchased is more than a declaration of support for our local economy; it’s a direct contribution to the youth programs that will make a difference for generations to come. 

Golf Oregon License Plate

About The Design

We believe in the power of collaboration and the fusion of passion and expertise to create exceptional products. That's why we are proud to introduce our plate design, crafted in partnership with Seamus Golf, led by Seamus’ CEO Akbar Chisti. The license plate captures the hues of our state flag and incorporates elements reminiscent of Oregon’s picturesque courses all encompassed by a distinctive northwest style.


About Oregon Junior Golf

The Oregon Junior Golf mission is to go above and beyond in providing regional leadership and advocacy to ensure every young golfer, regardless of their background or skill level, has equal access to playing opportunities and thrilling competitions. We believe that golf is not just a game, but a platform that cultivates essential values of fun & friendship, integrity, respect, sportsmanship, and stewardship. The funds raised will help empower young golfers to become the influential leaders of today and tomorrow. Thank you for your support.

Oregon Junior Golf

Frequently Asked Questions

The sale of the voucher is a fundraising activity of the Oregon Junior Golf Fund, Inc. The DMV does not and will not control the means or manner of the sale and distribution of vouchers. For all Golf Oregon plate inquiries please contact us at

I purchased a voucher online. When will I receive it in the mail?

Vouchers will be mailed out once we have sold all 3,000 necessary to put our plate into production. We will notify you once we have sold all vouchers and then again when we have an official production date from the DMV.

I received my voucher. How do I get my physical plates?

Once our plate is officially in production, take your original paper voucher to any Oregon DMV location to redeem it for your plates. You will need to complete the appropriate DMV form(s) and pay registration and any other fees due. You can also skip the trip to the DMV by mailing in your voucher, paperwork, and a check for any remaining fees to the DMV.

I lost my voucher, can it be replaced?

Your purchase of a voucher is a transaction between you and the Oregon Junior Golf Fund, Inc. If your voucher is lost, stolen, or damaged, contact us at for a replacement. Do not contact the DMV.

Who benefits from the Golf Oregon license plate?

Fun fact: The Golf Oregon plate is one of the only Oregon license plate that directly champions youth initiatives! Every plate sold supports the growth of our game by keeping it affordable and accessible to youth. 

I want a specific number on my plate. How do I do that?

We will be holding an online auction for low numbers OG00002-OG00020 once we have sold all 3,000 vouchers. These are the only plate numbers that we can pre-assign. We will notify all purchasers of auction details as we get closer. If you do not purchase a low number from the auction you will be issued a number in the DMV’s local inventory when you go to redeem your voucher.

Can I customize my Golf Oregon plate?

Yes, like other Oregon license plates, the Golf Oregon plate can be customized for an additional DMV charge of $100. To apply for a custom plate configuration, please refer to the DMV website.

can I give A License Plate Voucher as a gift?

Yes! To give the Golf Oregon plate voucher as a gift, sign as “Purchaser” and complete the bottom “Transfer of Voucher” section in the name of the person receiving the gift. Be sure that you also sign as “Transferor” in this section.

Can I transfer my current custom plate configuration to a Golf Oregon plate?

Yes, you can maintain your current custom configuration on a Golf Oregon plate for an additional DMV charge.

I do not live in or have a registered vehicle in the state of Oregon. Can I purchase a souvenir plate?

Unfortunately, souvenir plates are not available. Golf Oregon plates are only available for passenger vehicles registered in the state of Oregon.