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Since the formation on March 15, 1924; the Oregon Golf Association has developed into a non-profit entity of more than 315 public, private and associate clubs throughout Oregon and SW Washington with over 50,000 individual members. As guardians of the game in our region, our mission is to foster the enhancement and expansion of the game of golf by leading in the development of member services, the promotion of opportunities for all that want to play, and protection of the game's integrity and valued traditions. The OGA also has the distinct honor of being one of the few golf associations that own their own golf course, which is also celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2024.

A huge thanks to former OGA Executive Director Dale Johnson for writing the Four Part History of the Oregon Golf Association, as well as PNGA Historian Mike Riste for helping uncover details associated with the formation of the OGA. We look forward to celebrating the previous 100 years while setting the foundation for the next 100 years – follow along throughout the year as we highlight seminal moments from the OGA’s history.

  • Waverley Country Club - Circa 1905
    The First Oregon Amateur Championship More
    Waverley Country Club - Circa 1905

    The Oregon Amateur started in 1904 when 11 men and 13 ladies competed at Waverley Country Club. R. L. Macleay was the Men’s Champion and Carrie Flanders the Women’s Champion.

    Image: Waverley Country Club, circa 1905

  • Gearhart Golf Links

    Gearhart Golf Links Hosts Oregon Amateur

    Gearhart Golf Links
    For the first time since its inception in 1904, the Oregon Amateur Championship is held somewhere other than Waverley Country Club. The Championship was canceled in 1918 due to World War I and played at Waverley, Portland Golf Club and Tualatin Country Club from 1919 through 1923.
  • Tualatin Country Club
    First Attempt at Formation More
    Tualatin Country Club

    In May of 1920, Walter Pearson of Waverley Country Club canvassed for the formation of a state golf association. Unfortunately, his efforts failed. Only the three private Portland golf clubs, Portland, Tualatin, and Waverley expressed an interest in forming a state association.

    Image: Tualatin Country Club

  • Lester Humphreys - First OGA President
    Formation of the Oregon State Golf Association More
    Lester Humphreys - First OGA President
    Ed Neustadter of Tualatin Country Club thought the three clubs in Portland, which had been conducting the Oregon Amateur Championship, needed help and decided to sponsor the formation of a golf association. During a meeting on March 15, 1924, the Oregon State Golf Association was formed and the group selected Lester Humphreys (Portland GC) as President, Harry Thompson (Waverley CC) as Vice-President, and Ed Neustadter (Tualatin CC) as Secretary. Each club contributed $10 in the form of annual dues.

    Image: Lester Humphreys, 1st OGA President
  • Rudie Wilhelm
    Rudie Wilhelm Wins Oregon Amateur Championship More
    Rudie Wilhelm
    Oregon's first home grown player of note was Rudie Wilhelm of Portland Golf Club. He won the Oregon Amateur five times between 1915 and 1927 and was runner-up three other times. 
  • Dues Established for Member Clubs
    Dues were established for 18 and nine-hole member clubs. More
    Dues Established for Member Clubs
    Financial strains were evident, with dues set at $10 for 18-hole member clubs and $5 for nine-hole clubs in 1933. Concerns arose at the annual meeting about the ability of some clubs to afford these dues. The OGA treasury held just $559.01, a stark reminder of financial challenges.
  • USGA Adopts 14-Club Rule
    USGA Adopts the 14-Club Rule More
    USGA Adopts 14-Club Rule
    The Association adhered to USGA Rules and adopted the new 14-club rule tested in 1937. In the same year, the OGA recommended to the USGA to abandon the stymie rule, which was ultimately implemented by the USGA and R&A in 1952.
  • 1938-Dr-Oscar-Wilding-1
    Dr. Oscar Wilding wins Oregon Amateur Championship More
    Dr. Oscar Wilding, a dentist from Waverley Country Club and chief rival of Rudie Wilhelm, wins his 5th and final Oregon Amateur Championship. He was also runner-up twice and his victories covered a 17-year span from 1921 to 1938.
  • OGA Activities Halted Due to World War II

    World War II halted OGA activities temporarily, but with its conclusion, a new era dawned, bringing fresh faces to the forefront.

Stay tuned for 1934-1943 in February.