OGA Championships & USGA Qualifiers

The Oregon Golf Association hosts 13 annual competitions to crown state champions, a variety of tournaments with formats including stroke play, match play, team and net. The OGA, originally founded in 1924, was established with the sole purpose of conducting the Oregon Amateur Championship. Now the OGA Championships schedule spans from April through October.

In addition, the OGA administers various qualifying tournaments for national championships held by the United States Golf Association (USGA). The USGA promotes and conserves the true spirit of the game of golf as embodied in its ancient and honorable traditions, while also acting in the best interests of the game for the continued enjoyment of those who love and play it.

Click on the PDF page viewer for a comprehensive look back at the 2016 OGA Championships season.

Also listed below are links to in-depth previews, recaps, results, photo galleries and video highlights for 2016 championships action.


Oct. 28-29 89th OGA Team Championship (Bandon Dunes Golf Resort) Recap  |  Results
Sept. 26-30 33rd Oregon Senior Amateur Championship  (Salishan Golf Links) Recap  |  Results  |  Photos  |  Video
Sept. 24-25 32nd Oregon Net Championship  (Camas Meadows Golf Club) Recap  |  Results
Sept. 6 2017 U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Qualifier  (OGA Golf Course) Recap  |  Results
Aug. 27-30 Inaugural Oregon Four-Ball Championship  (Eagle Crest Resort - Ridge) Recap  |  Results  |  Photos  |  Video
Aug. 22 2016 U.S. Senior Amateur Qualifier  (OGA Golf Course) Recap  |  Results  |  Photos
Aug. 13-14 19th Oregon Public Links Championship  (Emerald Valley Golf Club) Recap  |  Results  |  Photos  |  Video
Aug. 9-10 11th Oregon Super Senior Championship  (Gearhart Golf Links) Recap  |  Results  |  Photos  |  Video
Aug. 9-10 26th Oregon Women's Stroke Play Championship  (Gearhart Golf Links) Recap  |  Results  |  Photos  |  Video
Aug. 5-7 64th Oregon Men's Stroke Play Championship  (Centennial Golf Club) Recap  |  Results  |  Photos  |  Video
Aug. 3 2016 U.S. Mid-Amateur Qualifier  (Columbia Edgewater Country Club) Recap  |  Results
July 25 2016 U.S. Amateur Sectional Qualifier  (Emerald Valley Golf Club) Recap  |  Results
July 23-24 66th OGA Parent-Child Chapman  (Salem Golf Club) Recap  |  Results  |  Photos
July 12 2016 U.S. Amateur Sectional Qualifier  (Rogue Valley Country Club) Recap  |  Results
July 11 2016 U.S. Senior Open Sectional Qualifier  (Waverley Country Club) Recap  |  Results  |  Photos
July 9-10 28th Oregon Mid-Amateur Championship Recap  |  Results  |  Photos  |  Video
June 20-25 107th Oregon Amateur Championship Recap  |  Results (M)  |  Results (W)  |  Photos 
April 23-24 72nd OGA Tournament of Champions Recap  |  Results  |  Photos 
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