Easy Steps for Adjusting Your Golf Digest Subscription Delivery

As an added benefit, all OGA Members are provided a bonus subscription to Golf Digest magazine valued at $15 annually.

If you are receiving more than one copy (and would like to reduce the volume of magazines delivered to your household), or you recently moved and need to update your address with Golf Digest, there are a few easy steps to resolving the issue. See below:

  1. Look on your Golf Digest magazine mailing label(s) at the bottom corner of the magazine(s) and identify the 10-digit account number(s).
  2. Call the Golf Digest Customer Service toll-free number at 1-800-727-4653.
  3. Once the automated voice is done running through the menu of options (which takes about 40 seconds), the voice will ask for your “10-digit number.” Execute that command however you prefer (keying it in or speaking into the phone).
  4. The phone directory will share a numbered list of options. Select the option that works for your needs.

    For those wishing to reduce copies of their subscription, selection option #6 to speak with an operator. Tell the operator you are an Oregon Golf Association Member who receives a bonus subscription of Golf Digest with your annual membership. Then inform the operator of whatever is your issue:  (i.e. not receiving my subscription to my house, receiving too many copies each month, etc.). Let them know your preference at that time. They will request some basic personal information (mailing address, etc) to verify your account and then quickly resolve your issue.