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The OGA's Most Interesting Holes Series

The fifth hole at Crooked River Ranch Golf Course in Crooked River, Oregon was voted the Most Interesting Hole in Golf as decided by the public vote. Twenty-eight holes from courses all over Oregon and SW Washington were nominated by golf professionals, course representatives and volunteers, which was followed by a week-long vote from the public to determine the top 18 Most Interesting Holes.

Over 2,600 votes were tallied, with the fifth hole at Crooked River garnering 384 votes to claim first place by a landslide over the 12th hole at Mt. View Golf Course in Boring, Oregon, which earned second place with 282 votes.

See below for links to course rating analysis for each of the 18 holes as provide by OGA Manager of Course Rating, Gretchen Yoder. 

OGA's Most Interesting Holes Series

Hole No. 5 at Crooked River Ranch GC - Crooked River Ranch, Ore. (384 votes) 

Par 4  -  Yardage: 260 / 245 / 231

A very scenic hole overlooking the Crooked River Gorge. Although short in length, it is a unique "risk-reward" hole with a "gambling" tee shot over the corner of the Canyon, making it reachable from the tee with a 220 drive to the center of the green.

Hole No. 12 at Mountain View GC - Boring, Ore. (282 votes)

Par 3  -  Yardage: 184 / 178 / 118

The par 3 12th take you to a place may courses don't dare . . . the side of a cliff! The tee-box is nestled atop the south edge of the deep creek canyon, perched 180 feet above the level of the green which slopes at 45 degrees. The 12th hole is also home the Ed Tribby Memorial Falls, where past members are remembered with the planting of a shrub in their honor. All this hole lacks are pars and birdies.

Hole No. 16 at Willamette Valley CC - Canby, Ore. (212 votes)

Par 4  -  Yardage: 397 / 345 / 285 / 238

Not only is this our signature hole with our logo on the hillside and water feature but it is also a challenging yet short hole. The dogleg off the tee is significant from right to left and the green is 4 separate tiers.

Hole No. 18 at Florence GL - Florence, Ore. (187 votes) 

Par 5  -  Yardage: 496 / 476 / 429 / 393

The real fun is the 18th hole, where all that was lost on the 17th can be regained with a birdie, or perhaps even an eagle. The 18th at Florence, playing only 496 yards from the tips, is an excellent risk/reward hole with water in play up the entire left side. The fairway bottlenecks and swings sharply to the left, away from an opposing dune, as it nears the large, gently rolling green. Players attempting to reach the green in two must flirt with disaster to get home, although it can be done when the hole plays with the prevailing northwest wind if your tee shot stays dry and misses the bunkers right. If your second shot can similarly avoid water left, in most cases it can be drawn into a green that has bunkers toward the back of the hole. 

Hole No. 2 at Eagle Crest - Resort Course - Redmond, Ore. (149 votes) 

Par 5  -  Yardage: 471 / 467 / 464 / 385

The "Canyon Hole" starts from an elevated tee approximately 50 feet above a narrow fairway below. Driver off the tee offers a reward for the long & straight hitters with a chance to cut the corner and reach the green on their second shot. A strategically placed juniper tree on the right near the corner can make this shot risky if not impossible. The conventional approach is a safer club off the tee, second shot to the corner, and then a short iron to the small and well protected green. Slightly stray first or second shots off the fairway are difficult to recover from so it can take a few strokes just to get to the corner and see the green. The popular opinions of this hole are either love or hate, seldom anything in between.

Hole No. 11 at Broken Top Club - Bend, Ore. (132 votes)

Par 4  -  Yardage: 364 / 354 / 311 / 246

Hole #11 is Broken Top Club’s signature hole. There is a memorable natural pumice pit guarding the elevated green and catching errant tee shots. The landing area off the tee is wider than it looks. Stay below the hole on your approach shot as the green, the surface of which you cannot see from the fairway, slopes from back to front. There is an established drop zone if you find the pumice pit and the green is surrounded by two sand bunkers.

Hole No. 8 at Pronghorn - Fazio Course - Bend Ore. (127 votes) 

Par 3  -  Yardage: 158 / 138 / 126 / 106

One of the more beautiful, as well as visually intimidating, par 3s around. The green is surrounded by a stone cliff. The player must carry the ball over a canyon that includes a series of lava tubes and punishing bunkers.

Hole No. 13 at Pacific Dunes - Bandon, Ore. (116 votes)

Par 4  -  Yardage: 444 / 390 / 371 / 336 / 250

The 13th hole at Pacific Dunes a par-4 that plays longer than the yardage due to the prevailing wind. The hole is framed by rugged coastline and towering, natural sand dunes. An aggressive tee shot favoring the ocean side of the fairway will leave the golfer with a shorter, more manageable shot into the green. Regardless of where your tee shot lands, the green complex is guarded by a false front, the Pacific Ocean on the left and sand dunes and bunkers on the right. Be sure to have both your camera and your golf game ready.

Hole No. 1 at Foxglove - Mt. Hood Resort - Welches, Ore. (111 votes)

Par 4  -  Yardage: 308 / 284 / 263

Looming in the center of the fairway is a very large volcanic rock that was disposed of during the early years of Mount Hood. Today a Douglas Fir has found home to this rock and is growing from the top of the rock. Running down the left of the fairway is the Salmon River, a wild and scenic river that is fed by glacier waters on Mount Hood that annually has salmon spanning in the late fall. The Wee Burn tributary runs parallel to the fairway and allows these native fish to travel up to our waters on the golf course to spawn.

Hole No. 5 at Crestview GC - Waldport, Ore. (109 votes)

Par 4  -  Yardage: 285 / 280 / 265

This hole is a slight dog leg to the left with water on the left and out of bounds on the right. A sand bunker next to the green makes approach shots challenging. It is drivable for the longer hitters.

Hole No. 4 at Bandon Dunes - Bandon, Ore. (97 votes)

Par 4  -  Yardage: 410 / 362 / 340 / 308 / 228

The 4th hole at Bandon Dunes is a dog leg right with sand dunes and beach grass blocking the view of the green and other golf holes from sight. Depending on the wind direction, players have to decide to play a calculated yardage to the landing zone or try and strike a tee shot that will carry the corner leaving a shorter club into the green. A long ball hitter with a helping wind can even result in a drive around the green complex. Hitting the fairway is the key as the rugged terrain lining the fairway is the only way to guarantee an unobstructed lie. Once the players approach the dogleg, the golfer is rewarded with a grandiose view of the 4th green set against the Pacific Ocean in an infinity style green.

Hole No. 12 at Crosswater Club - Sunriver, Ore. (81 votes)

Par 5  -  Yardage: 687 / 649 / 608 / 572 / 485

The appropriately named “Endless”, at 687 yards long from the Championship tees, this hole is one of the longest in the country. However, with 6 sets of tees this golf hole can be played in many different ways for players of all levels. Secondly, not only does this beautiful par 5 have a pond that extends the entire length of the hole on the left hand side but there is also out of bounds lining the entire right hand side of the hole. As if the length, a water hazard and OB weren’t enough to challenge the players, this hole also features the smallest green complex on the golf course. Lastly, the views on this golf hole are absolutely stunning. Mt. Bachelor peaks over the top of the towering ponderosa pines down the right hand side and serves as a great aiming point for the more aggressive players.

Hole No. 9 at Broken Top Club - Bend, Ore. (78 votes)

Par 4  -  Yardage: 356 / 332 / 298 / 268

Hole #9 is the epitome of a Weiskopf “risk / reward” par 4. There are 3 ways to play this hole. Choosing to layup to avoid the bunkers off the tee will lead you to a manageable but blind shot into the undulating green. You can choose to fly the trouble to give you free and clear view of the putting surface and bunker guarding the left side of the green. Lastly you may choose to try reaching the green from the tee. With a good area of grass hidden from sight the shot is not as daunting as it looks. Err to the right as the desert scrub brush doesn’t like to give back errant shots.

Hole No. 13 at Ocean Dunes GL - Florence, Ore. (66 votes)

Par 4  -  Yardage: 384 / 364 / 341

Nestled into the Oregon Dunes, this risk reward dogleg left captures your attention with it’s beauty and challenging shot values. Take an aggressive line to the left and over the dune if you dare or play it smart to the middle of the fescue grass in the fairway. Your choice on the approach can be a runner or a higher shot depending on pin location and strategy on this three tiered green. Land the ball just left of the pin to allow for the subtle right sloping contour and avoid the abyss to the right of the green!

Hole No. 15 at Old Macdonald - Bandon, Ore. (56 votes)

Par 5  -  Yardage: 535 / 482 / 424 / 340 / 313

Heading West, towards the Pacific Ocean the golfer has many options to place their tee shot. While walking down from the tee, into the fairway, you have stunning panoramic views of the golf course. Your second shot is rooted in risk/reward based upon the wind direction and the vast bunker matrix that protects the elevated green. Upon walking off the green, don’t forget to take on last peak West, as it’s the last hole along the coastline. When timed correctly, with the elevated tee, you can catch an incredible sunset.

Hole No. 16 at Forest Hills GC - Cornelius, Ore. (56 votes)

Par 4  -  Yardage: 376 / 348 / 315

Players must play a blind tee shot down a narrow fairway with trees guarding left and right. Hit the ball too far off the tee and you are in the pond short of the green. Lay up too short and you are forced to play a long iron off a downhill lie over the water and into a severely elevated green. If that isn't tough enough, the green is miniature in size and there is a steep bank in front of and behind it. Par is always a good score on this hole.

Hole No. 15 at Brasada Canyons GC - Powell Butte, Ore. (53 votes)

Par 4  -  Yardage: 377 / 333 / 292 / 260

The entire hole is based upon risk and reward. A short par 4 (depending upon your tee) with a prevailing tail wind most often can find you putting for eagle or birdie. Beware though plenty of bunkers and native areas surround this hold that can make a red number black very soon.

Hole No. 12 at Camas Meadows GC - Camas, Wash. (48 votes)

Par 5  -  Yardage: 566 / 536 / 508 / 426

This zig-zag hole features a narrow fairway, lots of water on the second shot, and fairway and green side bunkers. Once your tee shot is in play it’s all about negotiating the tall oak that guards the second shot landing area. Left of the oak challenges the water hazard, but will be an easier approach. A safe shot to the right of the oak makes for a more difficult angle. Either location will need to deal with the back of the green sharply sloping away from the player.

Also receiving votes: No. 14 at Riverside G&CC (47 votes), No. 11 at Bandon Trails (44 votes), No. 13 at Bandon Preserve (33 votes), No. 16 at Lewis River GC (32 votes), No. 18 at Rose City GC (29 votes), No. 5 at Woodlands GC (25 votes), No. 3 at Centennial GC (23 votes), No. 16 at OGA GC (22 votes), No. 16 at Meadows GC (11 votes), No. 6 at King City GC (2 votes).


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