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Are you new to golf, or looking for a way to get started? Don’t be intimidated – the OGA is here to help!

If you are completely new to the game, we recommend you visit our Beginner’s Guide to Golf which includes some tips on how to get started. Take a look below as it details the value of your OGA membership as you embark on your new golf life.

OGA Membership: Enriching Lifestyles Through Golf

  • Friends:  Meet like-minded golfers and share common interests while cruising around the golf course.
  • Fitness:  The gym isn’t for everyone – we’re with ya. An average 18-hole round is equal to around 10,000 steps. Work on your game while you work out!
  • Fun:  We know how it feels to see your shot fly long and straight – or when you roll in that 10-foot putt.

In addition to community building, health benefits and countless fun you'll have, OGA members get many additional perks including (but not limited to) online score tracking, free golf magazines and members-only golf savings:

OGA members have access to early ticket presale opportunities and also save money through our partnership with the Portland Trail Blazers and the Rose Quarter box office. Additionally, OGA members will receive periodic sale offers from the Columbia Employee Store and more. 

How much does it cost to become an OGA member? It ranges from $35 to $125, depending on how and where you join. You can, however, join the OGA online for $56.95!

*** Still not convinced? Need more details before you sign up? Visit this page for more information on all membership offerings. Or feel free to give us a call at (503) 981-4653 and we'll help with any questions.