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Each month Kelly Neely, the OGA's Senior Director of Handicapping, offers insight into the world of score posting and handicapping. 

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December 2018

Handicap Hub is on Winter Break - check back in early 2019 for new editions.

November 2018

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

October 2018

That's Another Good Question!

September 2018

That's a Good Question!

August 2018

Real Handicap Indexes vs. Other Creative Calculations

July 2018

Handicapping Head-Scratchers - Part III

June 2018

Handicapping Head-Scratchers - Part II

May 2018

Handicapping Head-Scratchers - Part I

April 2018

Icky Math, or How Does USGA Course & Slope Rating Affect My Handicap Index?

March 2018

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

February 2018

The Adjustor of the Odds

January 2018

Nerding Out on the Numbers

December 2017

Let the Strokes Fall Where They May

November 2017

The Complicated Case of the Posting Season

October 2017

Preferred Lies & Posting Scores – Or, There’s No Free Lunch

September 2017

Peer Review – It Takes a Village

August 2017

What's the Right Score to Post?



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11/19/18 Shot My Age
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