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Handicap Chair Occupies Important Seat at the Table

Whether you belong to a small online golf club or are a member of a large green-grass facility, one of your peers is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of everyone’s scoring record and Handicap Index®: the handicap chair.

The role of handicap chair involves much more than peering through scores in a spreadsheet; it requires patience, communication and a cooperative nature. An ideal handicap chair is a dedicated volunteer looking to pass on their knowledge to others and ensure that everyone’s Handicap Index represents their true potential ability.

“Really, the role of the handicap chair is to be an educator,” said Dude Spellings, the former handicap chairman at Avery Ranch Golf Club in Austin, Texas. “The overwhelming majority of golfers want to follow the rules, so nearly all the compliance issues you deal with can be corrected with education. Once people know and understand what’s in the USGA Handicap Manual, they are eager to do things the right way.”

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