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  1. Help, the system won't let me register for an event - what should I do?

    Sometimes, after creating and logging into your TPP profile, players sometimes find they're unable to register for an event they're trying to register for. If the system determines you "eligible" for an event, there will be a small checkbox to the left of the event name. However, sometimes you may be "eligible", but we'll need to make an adjustment or correction to your player record before you're able to register. Some examples include NH index instead of #, inactive status, no GHIN number in your profile, incorrect birth date, incorrect gender among others. If you encouter this, please contact our Championship Department for further assistance.

  2. How do I post a photo so that it shows in live scoring?

    To have a photo display in OGA & Oregon Junior Golf Live Scoring, you can simply upload a photo to your TPP player profile (what you log into & use to register for events). You'll need to upload a photo that is 200 pixels wide x 150 pixels tall or else the photo will distort to those dimensions.

    Click here to login to your Oregon Junior Golf player profile. Click here to login to your Oregon Golf Association (Championships) player profile

    If you'd like us to crop & upload a photo for you, you may email your photo to our Communications Team

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