Food & Beverage Manager - OGA Golf Course

Carla Crowder

I was born and raised on a farm in the outskirts of Canby Oregon.  I attended Canby High School where I played sports year round, which lead me to play volleyball in College.  Throughout my schooling I worked numerous summer jobs at local: peach orchards, walnut orchards, a nursery, and also Les Schwab Tire Center.  I heard about a job at the OGA Golf Course which I thought was going to be another summer job that ended up turning into a full time gig, which has worked out pretty well for me.  I have a very supportive family including: my father, Marc, who I give credit to for instilling a strong work ethic into my life and also to be one of the most frugal humans alive.  My mother, Marilyn, hands down gets credit for my outgoing/off the wall personality. 

I have three sisters, Crystal, Carmen and Cara; who I give credit for all my sass.  Hunter and Logan are my twin nephews who have me wrapped around their little mischievous fingers.  I have a niece, Harper; on the way that I am anticipating will be another little kid that will take over my life.  Saving the best for last, my fiance, Joseph, is my best friend and no matter the situation he can always make me laugh.   

In my spare time (which doesn’t exactly exist in the summer, spring, or fall) I like to play as many sports as I can, volleyball, tennis, golf, go on a run when I can motivate myself enough and I also enjoy this nifty little game my nephews and I came up with and like to play called “horseball”.  I also enjoy going to my boyfriends’ parent’s property just to relax and play with their farm animals.  A few of my life motto’s are “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”, “God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt” and also “Git er done”.  A fun little fact about me and my rather extensive vocabulary I don’t believe in usin ‘G’s on the end of my words, good ol’ waste of time I reckon; a few of my co-workers like to give me a hard time about that.

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